Industrial PC Products

TCS offers a variety of high quality industrial PC solutions.  Many of our off-the-shelf industrial computer products can be configured with different options to meet the requirements of most applications.  If one of our off-the-shelf solutions is not a perfect fit, TCS can create a tailor-made system to match your requirements exactly.  Click the industrial PC product type below to locate your solution, or contact a TCS Sales Engineer to help guide you to the best solution for your application.


Industrial PCs from TCS are rugged computers, designed specifically for industrial automation, embedded computing, mobile computing, and other harsh environments.  TCS Industrial computers are designed with durable chassis with metal enclosures, typically formed from steel or extruded aluminum.  TCS industrial PC’s use high quality industrial motherboards and embedded single board computers.  Industrial computers from TCS include industrial memory and storage solutions from qualified suppliers that have a proven track record of reliability.  TCS Industrial PC products are built to your specifications and configured with the industrial computer options you require.  Choose a TCS industrial computer and rest assured that this long life solution will be available for many years.

Industrial monitors, touchscreen computers, HMI, and panel PCs from TCS use industrial PC components.  Each industrial touchscreen panel PC and touchscreen display is designed for high usage applications in harsh environments.  Most TCS Industrial monitors and touchscreen panel PCs are protected from dust and liquid contamination with IP65, NEMA 4, or NEMA 4X environmental ratings.  Many industrial displays and touchscreen computers can be configured with a stainless steel bezel, which prevents corrosion from liquid exposure.  Many industrial monitors and touchscreen panel pcs can be configured with various touchscreen technologies including resistive, projected capacitive, SAW (surface acoustic wave), IR (infrared), and vandal proof touch glass. 

TCS industrial computers and industrial displays are high quality cost effective solutions for industrial applications.  TCS industrial PCs and industrial monitors are the best choice for applications that require long life cycle support and high reliability.  Choose a TCS industrial PC product and enjoy the quality, reliability, longevity, and lifelong product support.